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Becoming a volunteer at 917 Society gives you the amazing opportunity to make an everlasting difference in the lives of our children by distributing a copy of the Constitution to every eighth grade student! We need your help in order to be fully prepared for Constitution Day on September 17th! 

A Message to Volunteers

We will begin signing up volunteers to help with deliveries to schools in each state for 2024 by County/Parish. We have a checklist that will help you with organizing. Click here to download the PDF checklist.

Our email outreach of over 27,000 emails to principals and schools has begun and we are receiving orders from across the country!

Volunteers also needed to help with Marketing and Media to spread the word about our work. Use your skills for a great cause!

​For a detailed list of volunteer positions needed, see below.

​If you are planning on delivering Constitutions please fill out our volunteer form for that purpose.

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