Brandon Gosselin

Brandon Gosselin

Youth Advisory Board Chair

Brandon Gosselin, author, Inventory and Philanthro-capitalist, is a millennial with a passion to serve! At such a young age, Brandon has been able to position himself as a leader not only in his community, but also in the business world.

Before Brandon graduated in December 2020 from his MBA program at Florida Atlantic University, he was able to successfully build a $10 million tech company from scratch. This allowed him to also establish a 501(c)(3) nonprofit– The Empowering B.A.C.K. Foundation– in May of 2020 that provided thousands of medical masks to hospital systems and churches in northwest Oklahoma.

In addition, the foundation provided scholarship to graduating high school seniors. The foundations focus is providing scholarship and community assistance to this day.

Brandon’s passion to be a part of the 917 Society is rooted to ensuring the longevity of the future of this country. Our constitution is a core part of the United States and he says he is blessed to play a role in the 917 Society’s endeavors. Brandon’s passion for America and our youth can be found in his new book.