Civics Literacy Lessons & Tests

The 917 Society

This resource provides lessons for learning the Constitution.  These were developed by 

Allen W. Kessinger
Master Sergeant, USA (Ret)

US History, 8B

Student Advocate

Falcon Archery & Football

Stewarts Creek Middle School


Note:  You will need PowerPoint or Google Docs Slides to run these lessons.  Whenever you click on the PowerPoint logo for a lesson, it will be downloaded on to your device; you will then go to your download folder to open the lesson.

Concept of the united states declaration of independence.

Lesson 1.1: Navigating the Constitution

Lesson 1.2: Principles of American Government

Lesson 1.3: Political Parties and Voting

Lesson 1.4: Overview of Legislative Branch

Lesson 1.5: Role, Powers and Responsibilities of the Legislative Branch

Lesson 1.6: Overview of Executive Branch

Lesson 1.7: Powers and Responsibilities of the Executive Branch

Lesson 1.8: Overview of the Federal Judiciary

Lesson 1.9: Historical Supreme Court Decisions

Lesson 1.10: Civics Exam and Key