Founders Club

Founders Club Eligibility Requirements

  • Donate $1000 or more before September 16
  • Reach 100,000 students this year through your donation for Constitution Day.

Benefits of Founder's Club Membership

  • Exclusive invitation to the Spring Party for Founders Club Members only
  • Recognition of Your Contribution on our website
  • You will be featured at our annual Constitution Day Celebration each year with special seating and complimentary tickets.
  • You are making an investment in America’s future
  • Your donations for membership are 100% tax deductible.

Regent Founders – $25,000 + 

Church International – Robin D. and Robin R. Bullock

James & Jeanne Pankow

Presidential Founders – $10,000 +

The Alvin & Sally Beaman Foundation – Mr. Lee Beaman

The Calligan Family Foundation – Cole & Mitzi Calligan

Congressional Founders – $5,000 +

American Veterans of TN – Commander Mark Frederick

The Colbeth Family Charitable Fund – JacLyn Colbeth

Mr. Jake & Mrs. Rochelle McCalmon

Mr. Lee Beaman – Founder’s Cup Winner 

Ms. Lulu Elam

Ms. Jeri Thompson

Dr. Ming Wang – President 917 Society – Founder’s Cup Winner

Statesman Founders $2,500+

The American Bible Project – Steven Skelton

Association of Veterans Service Commissioners – Ohio State

Association of Veterans Service Commissioners –  Putnam County

Dr. Arthur Carpenter – Founder’s Cup Winner

National Christian Foundation of TN – Anthony & Monica Mountain

CullmaNation Ministry – Angie Cole-Davis & Stacey Cole

Dr.  Jody & Kimberlee Jones

Mr. Dennis & Mrs. Kathy Kolb

Mr. Phil Martin

Dr. Tracy & Cindi Miller

Rotary Club of East Memphis

Mr. Doug & Mrs. Alyene Weaver

Founder’s Club – $1,000 +

Am Vets of North Dakota – Post 20

David M. Blair

Ms. Anne Brandner

Rep Jeff Burkhart

Cooper Family Foundation

Julie Cabezas

Mr. Harvey Durham

Mr. Kip Dodson

US Congressman Mark Green – Founder’s Cup Winner 

Senator Jack Johnson

Ms. Celiste Ellich

GR’s Foundation

Mr. David Hairston

Atul Gupta

Dwight & Cindy Haldeman

Ed & Joni Hargrove

Senator Ed Jackson

Rep Mary Littleton

Betsy Ligon

Edgar McCalmon

Rodgar & Reba McCalmon – Founder’s Cup Winner 2021

J.P. Mitchell

Rep Jerome Moon

Mr. Mark Moore

Lee & Brenda Morris

Natalie Murray

Chuck Naab

Dr. Daniel & Charlotte Nelms

Aaron Pettigrew

Senator Bill Powers

Elvira Plavsic

Stephanie Pringle

Rep John Ragan

Senator Kerry Roberts – Founder’s Cup Winner 

Dr. Mark & Nicole Sconzo-Rametta

Kay Rodriguez

King & Judy Rogers

Ray & Theresa Seebode

Richard & Myra Simons

Elyse Schloss

Chairman Robert Sutton

Eric & Tonja Tuttle

Mike & Teresa Tuttle

Tommy Vallejos

Ted & Sharon Williams

Dave & Debbie Winters

Ira Work

David & Cindy Causer


                                      Founder’s Cup Winners

          Dr. Ming Wang * Rodgar McCalmon * Congressman Mark Green * Lee Beaman *  Senator Kerry Roberts * Dr. Arthur Carpenter

The Founder’s Cup Award is an annual award to honor the Founder’s Club member who has exhibited excellence in supporting the 917 Society consistently through outreach, donations, volunteering, and promoting our mission to educate our nation’s youth on the Constitution.