Sponsor a State

Costs Involved in Furnishing Constitutions

We have figured the cost of furnishing our Constitutions to the eighth-grade students in public, private and home schools in each state.

​The states which are colored over the abbreviation have begun to receive designated funds by donors. Those states are not totally funded and you may direct your funds to go to any one of them until they are totally filled, as are ND and NE. Eventually, we will have individual state maps with particular counties which have funds designated to them. You can Click the map to download a copy. You can help us meet our fundraising goals by sponsoring a state or part of a state. We have just begun and hope that you will help us cover each and every state in the United States. Those that are colored are sponsored.

Each state details the number of schools, number of students and the cost needed for that particular state.

If you would like to fully or partially sponsor a state that is not colored in, let Joni know at joni@917society.org.